What is all this about?

We are a bunch a guys from the data collection, data display, media and new media world who concluded that there was simply far too much noise within social media. People can follow other people, or organisations and collect a solid stream of information from them, however this is just the few from the select view. However if you wanted to listen to the views of everyone, this would be simply too much noise and you wouldn't be able to separate out the important from someone sharing with the world that they've just had a coffee. We thought something should be done to stop this, so we created 'The Social Engine'.

What does The Football Social do?

The Football Social collects all the noise from social media around the subject of the English Premier League and orders, positions and ranks each one depending on the volume of traffic and social agreement for each statement -all in real-time. This information is tagged to a club or a player, after which the social engine, ranks all the social stories in order of perceived importance.

This ranking is compared on a per club and per player basis and this generates our homepage. It is all the latest news, rumour, jokes and facts; all ordered in the positions that the social world has decided. The system also ranks this same information on a per club basic, as well as showing all the social buzz on a per player basis.

On a club page you can see all the club level based information, see the tag cloud that a club is generating, view the top social players as well as all the club level news. The culb pages also have a generated twitter account, so if something important occurs (based on social agreement), the site will tell everyone on twitter.

On a player page, you can once again see the top stories, tag cloud and other news for each player, as well as their playing details, the social traction graph and, if they have one, their own twitter account.

If you want to know the news as it happens, when it happens, check out our new News Stream, a real-time checking tool that will calculate the top messages around the EPL linked to a player or manager. For the users that cannot handle this volume of information, check out the Top Stories feed. This is a twitter pushed feed of top stories, where the push only occurs after a higher level of social agreement.